Friday, April 20, 2012

Benefits of Grounding (earthing)

Effects of grounding (earthing) that I have experienced first or second hand:

The biggest thing for me that I have noticed is that earthing improves my blood circulation.  Normally when I get in bed at night my hands are cold, even when it is not winter,  BUT within 5 minutes on putting my feet flat down on my grounding sheet my hands are warm!  And in the past I have tried many things to warms up my hands (for my wife's sake) like putting them in front of a heater for instance.  That doesn't really work that well and it takes a long time.  Also with the bottoms of my feet planted on the sheet, they tingle and get really warm, so much so that sometimes I have to take my feet off the grounding sheet.
 So above is the sheet.  What you are looking at is a natural cotton sheet with no dyes and silver thread in a grid pattern.  This sheet has a place to snap on a cord that connects to the third prong of a properly wired electrical outlet.

The next thing I have noticed is people that snore, stop snoring when grounded.  The reason for that is that grounding makes overly lax muscles tighter and overly tense muscles relax.  Snoring, at least most snoring, is the result of a flabby muscle in our throats.  Snoring can be cured by practicing singing which tones up those muscles, but grounding does it with no work involved.  I suspect that not snoring contributes to a more restful sleep that many people experience when sleeping grounded.

Throw away that ice pack, just ground that inflamed injury.  I tweaked my back man handling a twin mattress.  This type of "tweak" would normally be a major issue that would cause my back to spasm which in turn makes my back protect the injury and I would be contorted (croaked).  I wouldn't be able to do normal activities for at least 3 days.  It would normally be a big deal.  I would have been icing it every hour and going to the chiropractor, but I went for my homemade grounding mat and laid on it for about one and a half hours and then got up and I was able to continue my day.  That same evening I grounded it all night and the next day my back tweak was a 0.2 on a pain scale of 0-10.  It was pretty amazing. 

The other thing I have noticed is that I don't get as sore from exercising when I ground myself.  Something that would normally make me really sore is just minor nuisance instead of a really noticeable muscle soreness.  There is a study on this delayed muscle soreness (DOMS).

And it does seem to work as a great anti-inflammatory remedy.  I ran a mile for the first time in 10 years or so in my Vibram Five Finger shoes with a fore-foot strike (not heel toe like most people run) and my calves were kind of sore, but when I walked around barefoot I didn't even notice the soreness, but as soon as put shoes on VFF or Vivobarefoot shoes (which insulate me from earth ground) I could feel my sore calves.  I have emailed these shoe makers asking them to make shoes with conductive soles (just add a bit of carbon to the rubber), but so far no response.  However, there are some shoes out there that are grounded like Juil sandals and Grounders.  I don't like flip-flops so I don't think I would by Grounders, but the juil sandals maybe I could go for those; but they do have a lot of padding which I don't want. I am actually trying to toughen up the bottoms of my feet so I can go barefoot as often as possible, but that goes against the social norm (especially in stores) and I only do that when I am feeling rebellious or I just don't feel like putting on "stupid" shoes.  Shoes have a purpose, but I think they should work with our feet and not try to make them work in a way they were never meant to work (heel-toe), but that is a topic for another post.  I digress....

So I am really liking earthing.  I feel like it's a secret weapon to stay young and feel good.

Anyone else have some benefits to share?

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