Monday, April 30, 2012

Fish Oil (the key to human survival as we know it?)

I listened to a really good podcast from "The Healthy Mind" called Fish Oil & Your Mood, Dr. Sears Interview.  Dr. Zafirides is good, but he seems kind of hokey at in his intros and conclusions.

 I have actually listened to it two or three times.  Dr. Sears wrote the book "The Zone Diet", which is really a book about having an anti-inflammatory diet.  (I just put in his picture; I didn't picture him to look like that.)

His father and all the males in his family died of heart attacks by age 55 so he know if he did not want to die at the same age he needed to do something different.  He basically goes with the primal diet, meat (grass-feed beef and other healthy meats), vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds and things like that; things that existed prior to the agricultural "revolution" - Hunter gather that is.  An he tells a story of how humans were just barely hanging on and then we stumbled upon shell fish (omega-3's) and then our brains started getting bigger and we got the edge and really started doing well.  Our grandmothers or great grandmother's knew that it was important to take your cod liver oil, get outside and get some sun and run around, but that has been lost along the way.  Today the average person eating a SAD diet (that is Standard American Diet) is getting very little Omega-3 fatty acid and a lot of Omega-6 fatty acid.  It used to be 1:2 ratio, but know it is more like 1:20 or worse, which causes inflammation(the root of most modern diseases).  He cited a rat experiment where the first generation received plenty of Omega-3's, and they were smart rats with no problems, then the generation was deprived of omega-3's and in fact they did quite well and were also relatively smart and free from problems, then the third generation was also deprived from Omega-3's and they were remarkably less smart, they exhibited symptoms of depression, anxiety and were having trouble reproducing.  Sound familiar?  And another thing he believes is that once we fish out our seas, then whoever figures out how to produce Omega-3 fatty acids (with algae or whatnot) will retain their humanity while the rest of us will revert back into intellectually challenged and aggressive "humans".  It's kind of scary.  So I am taking my fish oil!  And I am feeding my family as much fish oil as I can.  I prefer Carlson, The Finest Fish Oil (16oz bottle-lemon flavored) or recently the Vitamin Shoppe claims that they get their fish oil from Carlson and it does tastes exactly the same to me (and it's cheaper).

  It does pass Dr. Sears purity test which is to freeze some of it and if does not freeze solid then it's good, other wise it is the sewer of the sea.  Also, breaking open capsules and smelling the oil is a good indicator; if it is nasty smelling then it's not good oil. Check out your fish oil at the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) website who test fish oils for purity.  Carlson ranks up there with Dr. Sear's fish oil.
  I am trying to take at least 4 teaspoons a day which is about 6 grams.  If you take a placebo does you get placebo results, if you take a therapeutic dose you get therapeutic results.  I will back off in a few months 3 grams or so.  This is supposed to help with heart health, depression, hormonal issues, anxiety, ADHD, etc.....

Good luck and have a healthy brain and heart,

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