Friday, April 20, 2012

Earthing Web Links

So some of the good websites I have found about earthing are:

The original site:
 I especially like the resources tab that has all the research papers.  I have read many of them.  Some get pretty technical, especially the one entitled " The Earth’s Electrical Surface Potential A summary of present understanding"  It is all about the earth's electrical properties.  It is very interesting, more than I have ever even wanted to know about the complex nature of our planet.

The next site is the commercial site where people can buy earthing products:

So far I have I have bought two starter kits, one for me and one for my mother, for a retirement gift.  I have also bought electrode patches and the car pads for some friends of mine.  I thought I could make a cheaper product, but it's not so easy to make anything really durable.  I hope to buy more and maybe get a bulk discount so I can have friends and family try it out and if they like it they could pay for it or send it back to me.

The next site is from Dr. Sinatra, the cardiologist:

An interview with Dr. Sinatra (this one is really good):

Earthing, among other things, was used in the Tour de France.  So Lance Armstrong does have mention of earthing:

Here is where you could buy the book:

Here is a really cool earthing experiment that I will try as soon as get four vases and 4 sunflowers:

Interviews by Dr. Mercola (where I learned about earthing among other things):
  If you want to see a good interview with Clint Ober, the guy who stumbled upon this concept:

  Another interview with ClintOber (a demonstration):

  An interview with  Dr. James Oschmann about earthing:

David Wolfe and earthing (there is also a video about grounding plants on this site):

Articles from ESD Journal:
So below are some results a test was run for a period of 30 days and below are the results where "23 - 85%" means 23 people representing 85% of the total people:

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